A little about this little Rose family...

Bowen and Fairleigh are both from South Texas…  Bowen grew up in Edna, spending his childhood on his family ranch and knee boarding Lake Texana; the Rose family has been in Edna for over 110 years. Fairleigh grew up in Seadrift and Port Lavaca, and spent most of her childhood either out in the pasture or in the POC barge canal water skiing with her family!  These two love birds met through Bowen’s Mom, Brenda…  As they say, the rest is history (in the making)!!  God is so good! 10 years later here they are growing hemp and raising three amazing blessings (Lola, Bowen III (Tripp), and Ty Sage!


Rose Cannabis (hemp) is grown organically in Edna, TX by Bowen and Fairleigh Rose with a whole lotta help from the GOOD LORD above!  All throughout the growing process, these lovely ladies (all of our plants are female) are tested by certified third party labs, and once they are close to harvest the state will have a third -party test to make sure the THC is at or below the legal limit (.3%).  Once harvested and dried properly Bowen and Fairleigh will start the curing process……. AND FINALLY… Make FULL SPECTRUM CBD products!!   Rose Cannabis Small Batch Products are all proudly made in the USA. 


The Roses applied for their licensing and started experimenting with their hemp; infusing coconut oil, making lip balm, salve, and other products in their kitchen… Once they decided on what they wanted IN their products, they found an amazing company to work with on making more products.  The Rose family cares about what they put into all of their products and wants to create the most natural product possible. 


Bowen and Fairleigh love learning about this amazing plant and of the wonderful benefits we all can get from it!   At Rose Cannabis, Bowen and Fairleigh strive to make a little difference in this world and through God’s provision this is how it’s manifested!!  


Bowen and Fairleigh love helping people, and meeting new friends along the way is, “icing on the cake”!!  At Rose Cannabis you can be sure that we are passionate about our love for Christ, Family, and Cannabis/Hemp!  So, when you buy Rose Cannabis you know what you’re getting, NATURAL…PREMIUM…SMALL BATCH…FULL-SPECTRUM CBD PRODUCTS.